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Message from our CEO

As uncertainty persisted in the global economy and political situation, we continue to implement a series of initiatives to strengthen our market position. We see this as a strategic period for us to consolidate our business, so as to be well-poised to capture any opportunities that may come along during these times.


In view of the current situation, we have launched measures with a three-year plan starting FY2017. These programmes are mainly focused on organisation restructuring, business transformation and staff development.

Where organisation restructuring is concerned, we are taking steps to streamline the structure of our subsidiaries, so as to further enhance the synergies between various functions and business units, as well as allow for better integration within the organisation. Through this exercise, the Group hopes to better maximise its resources to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity. With a seamless process flow within the organisation, we will be able to provide consistent standard of services and effective solutions to our patients.

Concurrently, we are also looking to transform our business with plans in place to partner referral clinics to develop an integrated and seamless diagnostic solution for our treatment centre. This will enable us to enlarge our patient base as we tap on our partners' patient networks.

Along the same line, the Group will be enhancing its medical concierge service to bring in more foreign patients. Currently, our core patient base is made up of mostly foreign patients, who are expatriates or travel tourists. Our foreign patients enjoy our customised medical solutions and premium healthcare services amidst a tranquil upmarket setting. As such, we hope to capitalise on our strength to widen our patient base with our unique selling point.

In this aspect, we will also be developing an ecosystem that starts from the process of early screening to specialist diagnosis, followed by treatment and primary care. We hope to instill confidence in our patients that we can see them through their entire healthcare needs and forge trusting relationships with them as we provide them with the most suitable treatments for their specific situation.

Finally, the most important element in our strategic plan is to focus on staff development. At AsiaMedic, our people determine our results and as such, we place much emphasis on developing our talents through regular training courses. Our programmes are specially tailored to equip administrative and management staff, as well as medical professionals with the latest skills and knowledge to enable them to excel in their individual areas of work.

With regard to this aspect, we have developed a management trainee scheme that is specially targeted to realise the full potential of highly regarded staff. In order to qualify for the leadership development programme, the trainee must be a full-time permanent staff who has served AsiaMedic for a minimum of 2 years and has achieved above average performance consistently in his/her last 2 appraisal ratings.

High potential staff will be trained in different management skills and given the opportunity to take on various job scopes, so as to equip them with an overview of the entire gamut of functions within the organisation. Through some of our talent retention strategies, these selected talents will embark on a career path that takes them from clinical and administrative functions to management responsibilities. We believe that when an individual has operational knowledge, he/she will be in a better position to lead the organisation.

On the same note, we have high regards for Nurses' Day, which falls on 1 August every year. This is a day where nurses around the world are celebrated for their dedication and commitment towards patients. Nurses' Day is always celebrated with much fanfare at AsiaMedic. In FY16, we thanked our nurses for their hard work and contribution to the organisation with a buffet spread and notes of gratitude written by students from NUS high School.


With this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our management and staff for their hard work and dedication towards AsiaMedic over the years. I would also like to thank our business associates and patients, as well as shareholders, who have been supporting us all this while. Thank you and I look forward to journeying on this meaningful road ahead with you in the years to come.

Chief Executive Officer